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Sample Fundraising Letter


Your Prom is coming up on _______________, 2018.

This is an important date for both of us. Your students, and our customers, rely on us to provide beautiful, unique, and creative flowers. Flowers provide the perfect accent to their prom dress or tuxedo.

We are always looking for new and unique ways to help in our community.  Each year we are asked by the school, and the students, to help support our community. We do this by donating materials, ads, various functions, or even a monetary contribution to the school yearbook.

This year we would like to offer you a fund raising opportunity in conjunction with your upcoming Prom.

We would like to arrange with you a way to donate a portion of our corsage sales to help support your upcoming Prom.  Our proposal is to donate XX% of our Prom flower sales to either the Prom Committee, After Prom Committee, or Student Council General Fund.  If one of these is not applicable, please let us know which organization can benefit from this donation.

As a way of maximizing our donation, and providing the best in service we would like to schedule a time to come to the campus. While there we can show the students some of our Prom flower offerings for this spring season

I can assure you this will be done in a very professional manner.  We will bring in beautiful samples, and some very unique displays. We hope to show the different types of wristlets and boutonnieres that we have to offer for this spring season.

This year, we have also added to our assortment by carrying a line of Fitz Design Flower Bracelets and Flower Filigrees.  The very unique benefit Fitz Design products offer is, after your prom, the flowers can be removed and they will have a beautiful keepsake bracelet to either wear again on another special event or to keep in a special place to always remind them of their Prom.

I will follow up with you to discuss a time for us to come and provide this unique service for the students at your school.  I look forward to working with you so that we can help make this Prom the best one ever.



Your Name


(Courtesy of Fitz Design)